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“The single greatest challenge facing managers in the developed countries of the world is to raise the productivity of knowledge and service workers.

---Peter Drucker - 1991

  Peter Drucker, one of the best management thinkers of our times,
goes on to say in the above quote that "...This challenge, which will
dominate the management agenda for the next several decades, will
ultimately determine the competitive performance of companies".

What a powerful statement! He relates training your service workers
to the very survival of of your job. When the labor component of your
budget is approximately 90%, you had better make certain it works
productively. If you don't, there will be someone else out there who will.

Contractor's understand this. Time and again, in our seminars and our
work with clients for over thirty years, we have seen unproductive
housekeeping managers replaced by productive managers. One of the
main reasons we see making housekeeping departments unproductive
is a lack of adequate training programs and education of the work force.

Don't let this happen to you. HSI can help you develop a competant,
highly skilled work force that is the benchmark of a professional
environmental services operation.
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Customized Environmental Services Audio-Visual Training Programs

Training the housekeeping work force is vital to the success of a housekeeping department. Frequent and
consistent training develops performance excellence and predictibility. Employees feel more confident and
perform better when they understand how to do the job correctly. Training is an investment in the future
performance of your employees.

Training programs supplied by chemical and supply vendors can be inconsistent with your procedures and
sometimes be little more than thinly disguised sales presentations.

HSI's custom developed audio-visual training programs have the following benefits:

Shot On-Site at Your Facility - Using your employees, equipment and supplies, HSI's on-site photo
shoot builds excitement among the work force and can take into account those unique things about
your processes that no generic program can address.

Professionally Voiced - Narrated by industry leaders, HSI's professionally-voiced CD-based training
programs grab your employees attention. HSI can develop training programs in almost any language.

Easily Updated - HSI's CD-based training programs are easily updatable. HSI teaches you how to
add or change images, re-voice and create whole new training modules.

Written Testing Materials - HSI provides witten testing material for each module developed.
Designed to be easily administered, even to functionally illiterate employees, HSI's written testing
materials document the learning process.

Flexible Subject Matter - HSI has developed training programs for healthcare, universities, industry
and government facilities. If you have special training needs, HSI can develop a training module to
meet your needs.

HSI's custom-developed training materials are less expensive than you might think. Call now and tell us
about your situation and let us develop a custom training program for you.

Training Module Subject Matter

HSI's Audio-Visual Training Modules are custom-developed. They are shot on-site at your facility
using your own employees as models. HSI carefully reviews your processes and procedures to
insure that what gets developed for you is the industry's best practice. Following are descriptions
of some of the more frequently developed modules

Bio-Hazard Waste Handling - Body fluid spill clean up and safe handling of biological, radiological,
chemotherapy and other regulated solid waste.

Carpet Care - Carpet spot removal, bonnet shampooing, host® dry shampooing and warm water extraction.

Classrooms - Routine cleaning of elementary, secondary, and higher education academic classrooms.

Cleanrooms - Routine cleaning of research and manufacturing cleanrooms, including gowning and
de-gowning procedures.

Clinical Areas - Routine cleaning of medical treatment and exam rooms in settings such as Emergency
Rooms, Radiology, Physical Therapy, and physician offices.

Common Areas - Routine cleaning of public and common areas such as elevators, stairwells, lobbies,
waiting areas, revolving doors, locker rooms, lounges and other areas.

Hard Surface Floor Care - Body fluid spill clean up, details of dust mopping, damp mopping, burnishing,
restoring, auto-scrubbing, manual scrubbing & recoating and stripping & refinishing.

Hazard Communication & Right-to-Know - Required by federal law. Included in each audio-visual
training program at no additional charge. Covers mandated federal hazard communication issues, reading
and understanding material safety data sheets and rights and responsibilities of manufacturers, employers
and employees.

Helpful Harold's Horrible Housekeeping Hints - Included in each audio-visual training program at
no additional charge. Humorous depictions of employees doing all the wrong things. Teaches how to clean
by showing how not to clean. Always a crowd pleaser.

Historic & Ornate Furnishings - Dusting and spot cleaning of historic and ornate furniture. HSI
works closely with your conservators to document safe and effective cleaning procedures for these
historic and priceless objects.

Laboratories - Routine cleaning of clinical and medical laboratories in hospitals and wet and dry
research and teaching laboratories in schools and universities.

Manufacturing Lines - Periodic shut-down cleaning of manufacturing assembly lines and
product packaging lines.

Office Areas - Routine cleaning of office and office relates spaces such as conference rooms,
copy rooms, file rooms, etc.

Patient Room - Daily Cleaning - Daily cleaning of occupied patient or resident rooms in hospitals
and nursing homes.

Patient Room - Discharge Cleaning - Cleaning of hospital and nursing home patient rooms after the
patient has vacated, preparing the room for the next patient.

Patient Room - Isolation Cleaning - Daily cleaning of the occupied patient room for a patient with
a communicable disease.

Policing Public Areas - Light touch-up cleaning of public restrooms, lobbies, elevators, waiting areas,
corridors, etc.

Dormitory Room Turnarounds - Move out and turnaround cleaning of dormitory rooms preparing
them for the next occupant.

Restrooms, Showers & Locker Rooms - Daily cleaning and disinfecting of common, public and
private restrooms, showers and locker rooms.

Soiled Linen Handling - Safe and effective handling of soiled and biologically contaminated linen
usually in a healthcare setting.

Surgery - Post-Case - In-Between case cleaning of the surgery suite.

Surgery - Terminal - Daily full cleaning of the surgery suite after all scheduled surgery procedures
have been completed.

Interested in recieving a proposal for a Custom-Developed, CD-Based Audio-Visual Training Program
with written testing materials?
Contact us at so we can chat about the specific educational
modules you want developed. We will then prepare a detailed proposal including a time frame and references
from some of our satisfied clients.

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