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"Give us the tools and
we will finish the job."

Winston Churchill - 1940


If you are currently out-sourcing your custodial department operation
and have become dissatisfied with the performance of the contractor,
you have an alternative. Housekeeping Systems, Inc. specializes in
increasing the productivity of in-house custodial departments.

Contractors can make it difficult for you to make a change. Many
contractors figure that if they can make it so painful for you to switch
to another contractor or go back in-house, that you will simply give
up and allow them to continue to maximize their profit at your expense.

If you've decided to explore the possibility of going back in-house with
your housekeeping department, Housekeeping Systems, Inc. is available
to assist you at every step along the way. Contact us and tell us a little
about your situation and your time frame. HSI will tailor a program to
fit your needs.

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A Nightmare Scenario

We have obvserved, that when a contractor leaves, they sometimes take everything of use to the housekeeping
department. Buffers, carts, buckets, wringers, chemicals and even trigger sprayers and damp mops can end up
driving away from your facility on the back of a truck. That's fair. After all, the contractor typically owns all
that material. Sometimes, contractors have programs where they will sell you all of the equipment and supplies
before they exit, so you're not left without any means to clean your facility. These "buy back" programs may
or may not be a good deal for your facility.

We have even seen contractors remove all schedule boards, written work assignments and file cabinets full of
records. If employee training records and Material Data Safety Sheets are removed from your facility, you
may be vulnerable during OSHA or licensing agency inspections. Even years after these records are removed,
the gap in documentation may be questioned.

If you're anticipating a change back to in-house, Housekeeping Systems, Inc. should be called in approximately
6~9 months before the contract expires to begin its conversion process.

The Conversion Process

Every conversion is different, but the elements of the process remain the same. For example, you may not need
assistance recruiting a new in-house manager, or maybe you've already selected the chemical vendor who will
supply chemicals to your new in-house housekeeping department. Following are the elements of HSI's conversion

Secure New In-House Management Team - HSI will assist you in advertising and selecting a new in-house
management team. HSI can advise you which professional publications to advertise in and can also be involved
in interviewing potential candidates. HSI's more than 30 years experience in housekeeping management can be
an advantage in evaluating the capabilities of potential management team members.

Determination of Staffing Level - HSI will carefully define your desired service level prior to determining
the correct staffing level for the housekeeping department (see Full Implementation under the Implementation
Options on the Software Page of this site). HSI will develop individual work assignments for all employees
describing which tasks to perform in each area assigned. HSI will train the new management team in the use
of the HSIPro Software during the On-Going Support phase of the project.

Audio-Visual Training Program Development - HSI will develop a custom-shot, professionally-voiced
audio-visual training program with written testing materials for the housekeeping department, using
departmental employees and equipment. The training program will cover all types of work performed by
the department and should serve as the department's primary training and education asset. Please read full
details concerning the audio-visual training program on the Training Page of this site.

Prepare Equipment & Supply Inventory Levels - HSI will develop an equipment and tools inventory
recommendation that will be consistent with the staffing level developed for the department. This will enable
the facility to pruchase an adequate supply of equipment and tools and have them in nearby storage for the
conversion from contracted management to in-house management.

Recommend New Chemical System - HSI will recommend a chemical system to be used by the new
in-house department that will provide safe and economical chemicals to the departmental workers.
Housekeeping Systems, Inc. is not affiliated with any chemcial or equipment manufacturer or distributor
in any way. Recommendations concerning chemicals and equipment will be unbiased. Our only goal is
to determine what is best for our clients.

Conversion Week - HSI will assist during the transition week between the contractor and the startup of
the new in-house program. The depth of HSI's involvment can be determined during earlier stages of the
project. Some clients request a lot of involvment and others want us only in the sidelines. The choice is

Interested in recieving a proposal for HSI's Conversion to In-House Environmental Services? Review the
type of information HSI needs to develop the database on the Fees Page and then contact usat
We will prepare a detailed proposal including a time frame and references from some of our satisfied clients.

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